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Fluffy’s Holiday Traditions

December 15, 2020

Happy Holidays! As we all know, this year’s celebrations be scaled back a bit, in comparison to other years, due to the coronavirus. That said, many traditions will continue on, even if they are somewhat subdued. We have a pretty strong feeling that our feline friends will continue with their own customs, which are, of course, completely adorable. A Rapid City, SD vet lists some super cute ones below.

Help With Giftwrapping

Kitties are very grateful for all the love, care, tuna, catnip, and lap space we offer them. Fluffy may very well try to show her appreciation by lending a helping paw with wrapping gifts.

Steal Boxes

One of Fluffy’s cuter quirks is her absolute obsession with boxes. Remember to give your pet a few of the empty ones after everyone has opened their presents!

Nap Under The Tree

No surprises here: after all, our feline pals are precious gifts themselves. Keep anything that could hurt your kitty, such as wires and cords, tinsel strands, and ornament hooks, out of paws’ reach.

Supervise The Humans

Cats bond very closely to their humans. Fluffy will spend a pretty good chunk of the holiday season watching as you cook, clean, and decorate.

Bat At Ornaments

At this time of year, Fluffy’s mischievous streak is in full swing. Your pet will take immediate notice of that pretty tree, and may approach it with bright eyes and a bushy tail. To make the tree less appealing, hang only a few dull ornaments on the bottom branches. Keep most of the decorations, including anything sharp or shiny, on top.

Play With A New Toy

Don’t forget to put a few playthings in Fluffy’s stocking! You can opt for kitty classics, like catnip mice. Or, try something modern, like a remote-controlled mouse. Snap some pictures of your feline friend enjoying her new things!

Enjoy A Yummy Treat

Food is front and center with many holiday traditions. Offer Fluffy something extra yummy. Some plain, cooked fish or poultry is fine, as long as you remove the skin, bones, and fat.


There are few better ways to enjoy a quiet holiday night than by settling in with a good book or movie, some delicious snacks and beverages, and a purring cat. Enjoy some down time with your furry buddy.

As your Rapid City, SD veterinary clinic, we’re here to help! Call us anytime!

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