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  • Cats – Fear Free Veterinary Visits

    By Michelle Lutheran, RVT We have been talking about Fear Free lately on our Facebook page a lot lately. Today I would like to focus on cats. Did you know that more than HALF of cats in the United States have not been to a veterinary clinic within the past year for their needed annual checkups? Does this scene sound familiar at your house? You get the carrier out and Fluffy runs for the hills. … Read More »

  • THE LAMINITIS HORSE – What is laminitis, and what can we do about it?

     By Dr. Rachel Shutter, DVM If you have ever called your horse an “easy keeper,” wondered when your gelding was going to foal or joked about how your horse gains weight off air, then keep reading, friends, because what I am about to tell you may be crucial to your horse’s health. Those horses described above may be easy on the pocketbook feed-wise but they may end up giving you more trouble in the long … Read More »

  • Mares Are Not Cows!

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    Written by Dr. Nichole Logan That ought to get your attention! You’re probably thinking that I’ve lost my mind. Of course mares are not cows, but it seems to me every year during the breeding season mares are commonly treated like they are cows.  Now, let me go on and explain why a mare is not a cow. A common scenario for me this time of year and as spring progresses is the following conversation: … Read More »

  • Does My Veterinarian Really Need to Know?

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    If only pets could talk… We’ve all been there.  The daunting list of questions your veterinarian wants to know may seem like a waste of time but, since your pet does not communicate verbally in our language, your veterinarian must take on a detective type role. Your pet’s diet and daily habits gives your veterinarian clues to what diagnostic option will be the most beneficial in determining the cause of a specific symptom.  Have you recently changed … Read More »

  • There IS a Right Time to Get a Pet

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    Are you considering getting a pet and just not sure if the timing is right?  There really is a “right” time to take on the responsibility of pet ownership and key things to consider when choosing the pet meant for you.  Before committing to a pet companion, consider the following: Do I have the time and space available for a pet? All pets are going to need daily interaction with you for feeding, play time, … Read More »


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    In the past several days, we have examined an alarmingly high number of coughing dogs (dozens).  These dogs have come from a variety of situations, but most commonly have history of visiting one of several different boarding facilities within 2-5 days prior to the onset of the coughing.  Some of these dogs have had a fever and a few have been ill enough that they have required hospitalization. Due to our concern of a possible … Read More »