Equine Care

Horses are incredibly special creatures, and they require their own unique level of care to both extend their lives and improve the quality of that life over time. The staff at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic is trained and experienced in equine health care, providing all of the comprehensive services needed to keep your horse looking and feeling their very best. We are able to provide internal medicine and critical care, dental services, lameness examinations, general surgery, as well as advance equine reproductive services.  You want the very best for your four-legged friend.  Let us help bring out their very best with our professional equine care services.

When it comes to the complete care of your horse, whether it’s routine wellness, advance diagnostics, lameness evaluation or professional reproductive services, our comprehensive equine health care services will provide you options to help your four-legged friend enjoy a lifetime of good health and optimum performance. 

Internal Medicine, Diagnostics, Surgical and Dental Services

Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic offers a broad range of diagnostic services to assess, monitor and manage the health of our equine patients. We use the latest equipment, including a blood chemistry analyzer as well as a hematology analyzer. We also have the capability to conduct blood gases as well as fecal and urine analyses. Our in-house laboratory allows us to gather results quickly and accurately – often within just a few minutes.

Digital radiographs and ultrasound are other key diagnostic tools that we have at our disposal. Our veterinarians are able to visualize the upper airway with fiber optics to better diagnose and treat airway issues including laryngeal, pharyngeal, and guttural pouch diseases. We maintain a large pharmacy within our hospital to be able to select the most appropriate medication in a timely manner to treat a broad range of medical conditions.

Our extensive equine surgical services include but are not limited to laceration repair and castrations.   Our registered veterinary technicians use the most up to date monitoring devices to measure vital signs, such as heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure as well as pain control to ensure the safety and comfort of our surgical patients while in our care.  Our hospitalization stalls are set up to easily provide medical therapy including continuous IV fluids while the patient rests comfortably.  Our veterinary technicians can provide hourly hospital treatments, 24-hours a day for hospitalized patients.

Dental care is essential in ensuring your horse is able to take in the nutrition they require and also performing at the best of their ability.  Routine oral examinations along with regular teeth floats utilizing the most current dental equipment is important in maintaining the horse’s oral health which will keep your horse more comfortable, help your horse utilize feed more efficiently and improve their quality of life.

Additional equine health care services offered at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic include dental care, in-house EIA (Coggins) testing, health certificates, wellness programs, vaccination services, and parasite control programs.

Lameness Diagnosis and Treatment

The Equine Center at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic is available for complete pre-purchase exams, lameness exams, digital radiographs, soft tissue ultrasounds, joint blocks and injections, and numerous other lameness treatment modalities.

Reproductive Services

When it comes to breeding horses, nobody understands better than us that sometimes mother nature could use a helping hand. We offer comprehensive equine reproductive services to improve the chances of your mare conceiving. These services include breeding soundness exams, artificial insemination with cooled or frozen semen with deep uterine horn insemination for frozen semen. Embryo transfer services and embryo vitrification are also available.

In addition to our routine breeding services, we also provide advance treatments such as unblocking fallopian tubes, hysteroscopsy and laparoscopic spaying. Our highly skilled equine veterinarians are also experienced in foal management for routine and high risk pregnancies, and are available to perform foal evaluations as well as neonatal intensive care as needed.

Stallion services include breeding soundness exams, stallion collection for cooled and frozen semen processing, and semen shipment.