Nutrition & Weight Management

Proper nutrition and a healthy weight are an important part of your companion’s overall wellness and longevity. The right nutrition can not only help promote a healthier life and improve performance, but it can even help to manage a number of existing medical conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, ultimately improving your pet’s quality of life.

The problem is, unless you’re trained in animal nutrition, understanding your companion’s specific needs and determining which of the dozens of food products available today would best meet those needs can be challenging. The good news is, the team at Dakota Hills does have this training and we can help! Let us take the guess work out of providing for your pet’s optimum nutrition and helping them stay fit and healthy.

We’ll start by conducting a detailed analysis of your pet’s specific needs. We’ll do this through a physical exam, asking you a series of questions about your companion’s lifestyle, and considering such important factors as age, breed, weight and overall health. This information will allow our highly trained experts to identify precisely what your pet’s nutritional needs are, and then develop a customized diet that will meet those needs most effectively. We’ll also advise you on how much food to give your pet, and how often, to avoid overfeeding.

Next, we’ll tackle your pet’s weight. Did you know that animals that are only just a few pounds overweight can be more at risk for developing a number of serious, sometimes life threatening medical conditions? We’ll determine what weight range would be ideal for your pet, and then work with you to develop an exercise plan that will help achieve that goal weight range. Even if your pet is older or suffers from a medical condition, we can find a physical activity that will help them shed those extra pounds and maintain a healthier weight.

You want what’s best for your animal family member, and so do we. Let us develop a customized diet and exercise plan that will help get your cherished pet on the path toward a lifetime of optimum health.