Pain Management

At Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic, we take the comfort of our patients very seriously. When an animal is in pain, his or her quality of life can be greatly diminished. Not only can pain affect the body’s physical performance, but it can also have an impact on your companion’s state of mind. We strive to overcome all types of pain, whether it’s acute, such as that caused by a surgery or injury, or chronic, due to an existing medical condition. We believe that recognizing and alleviating pain in our patients is at the very heart of quality, compassionate care, and it’s something that we hold as one of our highest priorities.

Pain management is among our primary considerations when we are treating a pet for any medical condition. Whenever possible, we work hard to anticipate any potentially painful treatments or procedures, such as surgery, and take the appropriate measures to be proactive about managing that pain before it even occurs. We are also adept at recognizing existing discomfort, either due to an illness or injury, or following a medical procedure. Our goal is to avoid pain as much as possible, and to quickly and effectively overcome discomfort wherever it exists.

Various types of pain can look very different, with every animal handling it in their own unique way. A dog with chronic arthritis may exhibit very subtle signs of pain that could easily go unnoticed if you don’t know what to look for. Our staff of compassionate, caring professionals is skilled in recognizing even the most subtle signs of pain. We can then develop a customized plan for managing that pain in the most effective manner possible.

From routine procedures, such as a spays or dental cleanings, to more advanced medical treatments, such as bone surgeries or cancer treatments, to chronically painful conditions, like arthritis or back pain, the team at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing safe and effective pain management to each and every patient we serve. We will also help you learn how to recognize signs of pain in your pet so that we can modify his or her pain management plan whenever necessary.

If you believe your pet is suffering from discomfort due to a chronic medical condition, such as arthritis, or you feel he or she is in pain for any other reason, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help your companion live a happier, more comfortable life.