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How Pet Ownership Improves Your Health

February 1, 2014

Your dog Daisy’s sunny personality and affectionate nature have made her a cherished part of your family. Daisy has also become your perfect workout partner, always willing to go on brisk walks or join in an energetic game of fetch. Daisy’s regular exercise regimen helps her stay in tip-top shape, and her Rapid City veterinarian always remarks on Daisy’s ideal weight and fit figure. You might be surprised to learn that Daisy’s presence also helps to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.


Mood Music

You’ve had a crazy, disorganized day, and you got stuck in traffic for an hour on your way home. You’d just like to be left alone, but Daisy’s got other ideas. She greets you at the door with a toothy canine grin, spinning around in circles as she licks your face with excitement. Your mood instantly shifts from aggravation to laughter as you forget your rotten day, giving Daisy a big hug as you retrieve her leash for a brisk walk. You’ll get some welcome exercise out of your little jaunt, too. Your day has just gotten a whole lot better.


Pain Buster

If you’re suffering from pain, especially chronic pain from a debilitating condition, your quality of life might be affected, too. Now let’s add some anxiety to the mix. Fortunately, Daisy’s right by your side, helping you focus on what’s important and reducing your anxiety level. When your anxiety goes down, your pain eases a bit. Sounds like Daisy, or perhaps your cat Molly, might become a welcome member of your care team.


Social Magnet

Daisy’s friendly personality appeals to everyone, as you’ve learned while walking her through your neighborhood each day. Walkers and joggers stop to chat, and your regular package delivery driver gives her a friendly pat on the head. Walking Daisy also helps you meet neighbors you might not otherwise encounter, perhaps leading to invitations to community potluck dinners or other social gatherings. At the farmer’s market or dog park, Daisy’s quite the social butterfly, attracting a stream of visitors who become fast friends.


Clearly, Daisy’s loving, charming nature has helped her become a canine socialite extraordinaire. When she visits her Rapid City vet next week, you’ll happily share how Daisy has helped your health take a turn for the better, too.

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