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Allergies & Dermatology

There are many conditions affecting the skin that can be unpleasant and uncomfortable for our companion animals as well as aggravating for their owners that have to frequently listen or watch their pets chew and scratch at their skin.  The professional allergy and dermatology services at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic can help your pet to get these skin conditions under control.

Signs of a possible skin condition or allergy can include:

  • Excessive scratching
  • Scabbing or flaking of the skin
  • Hot spots
  • Shedding more than usual or patches of hair missing
  • Biting, chewing or licking at the affected area
  • Bumps or lumps on or under the skin
  • Ear infections

Identifying precisely what is causing the problem can be challenging.  To help determine what is wrong, our doctors will examine your pet and may utilize diagnostics that can include bloodwork, cytology, skin scrapings, biopsies or allergy testing.

Some dermatological issues we can assist with include:

  • Allergies (food and/or environmental)
  • Infections (acute or chronic)
  • Parasites
  • Dermatitis
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Tumors
  • Skin cancer

The Doctors at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic are committed to remaining at the forefront of advancements in veterinary medicine, including the use of cutting-edge medications and supplements to help manage and treat dermatological issues which include:

  • Apoquel
  • Cytopoint
  • Atopica
  • Allergy vaccines or sublingual drops
  • Prescription diets with specific or hydrolyzed protein that support skin health
  • Dermaquin

If your pet is battling a skin condition, contact the experienced team at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic to help them return to a more comfortable life.

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