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Our Careteam

Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!


Michelle L.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Michelle grew up in Eastern Montana, where she and her sister would spend hours catching turtles and salamanders to leave in the bathtub and scare their mother! In high school, Michelle realized she wanted to work with animals as a career, and looked into the Veterinary Technician profession.

Just before she graduated from Veterinary Technician school, Michelle heard about an opening at Dakota Hills. She put in an application, was interviewed, and then was hired. She’s now worked here for over 20 years!

Animal behavior is a special area of interest for Michelle. She continues to further her behavioral education each year and loves helping owners work through their pets’ behavior issues. She also likes drawing blood, setting IV catheters, and bandaging limbs.

Outside of work, Michelle likes to camp, fish, hike, ride horses and motorcycles, read, garden, and spend time with her dogs. Michelle and her husband Marshal own Catfish, a French Bulldog that had persistent right aortic arch at birth and after surgery at 2 months of age is managing very well!  They also own Perch, a Terrier mix who is Catfish’s best pal.


Erin S.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Erin has been interested in veterinary medicine for as long as she can remember. She always wanted to help animals since they can’t tell their owners what hurts or what is wrong. Now she cares for pets every day at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic!

Erin lived in Hermosa until she was in third grade, then moved to the Rapid Valley area, where she still lives. She attended Black Hills State University, then joined the Veterinary Technology program at National American University where she earned her Associates of Science in Veterinary Technology. She worked as a receptionist at Dakota Hills while attending school, then accepted a job as a Registered Veterinary Technician after graduation.

Emergency medicine and surgery are Erin’s favorite aspects of her job because of the quick thinking and reacting that is required. Saving a life is the ultimate reward!

At home, Erin has a dog named Roscoe that she has shared the past 14 years with. When time permits, Erin enjoys outdoor activities like softball, golf, and hunting. She’s met some of her greatest friends through these hobbies!


Juley C.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Growing up on a small hobby farm in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Juley had three horses of her own and loved to train and ride. These early experiences inspired her to work in the exciting and challenging field of veterinary medicine.

Juley’s passion for animals led her to pursue a business degree and an equine training degree. While attending school in Rapid City, she took a summer job at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic. This experience solidified her desire to become a veterinary technician.

After completing her veterinary technology coursework, Juley was promoted to Registered Veterinary Technician at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic. She enjoys small animal surgery and has a special interest in dentistry. She often assists with root canals when a small animal dentistry specialist visits the clinic.

Outside of work, Juley is married with three lively children. Her children share her love for animals and help care for their dog, Roxi, and two horses, Freckles and Seven. In her free time, Juley enjoys camping with her family and four-wheeling in the Black Hills.


Erin P.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Erin grew up in a small town north of Omaha, Nebraska, where she began riding horses when she was only six years old. Her early experiences nurturing animals made one thing very clear: a career in the veterinary world was Erin’s true calling! Now she’s thrilled to work as a Registered Veterinary Technician here at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic.

Erin attended Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa to study veterinary technology. During her time there, she began working in an Omaha veterinary clinic as an assistant, where she gained invaluable experience to jump-start her career. After her fiancé accepted a job offer in Rapid City, Erin moved here and joined the Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic family shortly afterward.

 She loves the feeling of helping to improve a pet’s quality of life every day, and she’s a firm believer in the power of preventative medicine and quality client education.

At home, Erin has two dogs named Jethro and Roxie, a cat who goes by Coconut, and two horses: Pecos and Sunshine. Erin has owned Pecos since she was in the 6th grade! She enjoys getting out on horseback whenever she has the chance.


Shannon K.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Shannon grew up in a military family and lived many places growing up. One of her favorites was Germany! Throughout her childhood, she always had pet rats, and they inspired her to work somewhere that she could educate people on all different types of pets.

Since her father retired at Ellsworth Air Force Base, Shannon started classes close to home at National American University. Now she works as a Veterinary Technician, and especially enjoys running lab work. It’s amazing to Shannon what you can find out about an animal through their blood work. She also enjoys helping pets live longer through the advanced tests the clinic is able to perform.

Outside of work, Shannon loves going camping. She has two little black and white Shih Tzu’s and a tan and white rat—all of which Shannon likes to spoil rotten!


Linda C.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Linda decided to enter the world of veterinary care for a very simple reason: she wanted to use her time and energy to better the lives of creatures who can’t always speak for themselves. She’s always known that pet care was her true calling! Linda is proud to help animals on a daily basis as a Registered Veterinary Technician, and she loves that she’s able to do it as a part of the talented Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic team.

Linda was born in Germany thanks to her father’s military service, and settled here in Rapid City with her family after his retirement. She’s been here ever since! Linda attended National American University’s veterinary technology program to become a Registered Veterinary Technician, and joined the Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic family shortly after earning her credentials.

Linda has special interests in animal behavior and veterinary dentistry—she makes it her personal mission to help pet owners understand how much good dental care can impact a pet’s health.

When she’s not helping pets here at the clinic, Linda can be found working on her home, hiking trails in the Black Hills, running—she’s completed a few marathons and countless half marathons!—and enjoying the company of her pets at home. She shares her life with four cats named O.G., Boots, Lilly, and Rocky, as well as two dogs: Bud, a Weimaraner, and a Scottish terrier who goes by Oscar.


Abra S.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Like most people, Abra has always loved animals. Beyond that, however, she found herself wanting to do more to help them and gain a deeper understanding of their health and wellbeing. To this day, she feels that if she knew then what she knows now, her beloved cat Mesigh might have lived even longer than her 20 years. It is this desire to ensure that every animal enjoys his or her best life that drives Abra every day.

While living in Colorado, Abra reached a crossroads in her life. Her husband had lost his job and she found herself considering going back to school. Drawing from her deep interest in animal care, she began researching veterinary technician programs and settled on Pima Medical Institute. After completing the program, Abra joined the Dakota Hills team in September of 2022. Clinically, she enjoys patient care and has a particular interest in surgery.

Outside of work, Abra is happily married and has a daughter who inspires her to enjoy the little things in life and never take things for granted. The family’s cat, Mewmew, is a rescue who has been transformed into to a happy, healthy and balanced kitty, thanks to their love and patience.

Abra’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her family. Besides that, she enjoys going on hikes, listening to music and singing her heart out.


Missy L.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Growing up, Missy spent a lot of time in Torrington, WY, where her mother’s family owned many ranches. Visiting them was a highlight of her childhood, but it wasn’t until she witnessed her great uncle perform a procedure on a cow that Missy became hooked on veterinary medicine. As a vet tech here at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic, she now gets to follow in her uncle’s footsteps and is loving every minute of it!

Missy attended Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington but ended up in Sturgis with her husband before deciding to stay in the Black Hills area. She joined the Dakota Hills team as a part timer and transitioned to full time in 2022. Outside of the clinic, Missy lives with her husband and their two children. The family is surrounded by cats, dogs, horses, a few dairy goats and one very lovable Holstein.

Missy’s summers are busy with horses and 4-H projects, but during the cooler months, she enjoys quilting and frequenting quilt shops (her fabric stash is pretty crazy).


Lindsey S.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Lindsey was heavily involved with equine 4-h and rodeo. She recalls how much she loved spending time at her grandparent’s ranch in Nemo. Her passion for animals was closely matched with her love of the Black Hills, so she decided to move here with her husband in 2020. As a veterinary technician here at Dakota Hills, Lindsey is living her lifelong dream and loving every minute of it.

After working at an equine facility for seven years as a veterinary assistant, Lindsey decided it was time to further her education and enrolled in Penn Foster to get her Registered Veterinary Technician degree. Shortly after relocating to the Black Hills area, Lindsey’s dog needed surgical rehabilitation, so she brought her to Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic. She loved the atmosphere so much, that she decided to join the team in 2022. Professionally, Lindsey enjoys rehabilitation, monitoring anesthesia, assisting with orthopedic surgeries, and tending to hospitalized patients.

At home, Lindsey resides with her husband, Eric, their three dogs: Dally, Cabala, and Sage; their three horses: Chubby, Ginger, and Layla; and their cat named Mike. When she’s not busy working, Lindsey can usually be found hiking with the dogs, riding horses, or attending barrel races.


Kayla S.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Kayla grew up in Rapid City, SD. Raised in a ranching family, she spent most of her childhood rodeoing and was also very active in FFA and 4-H, showing cattle, horses, and sheep. Over the years, Kayla began to develop a deep interest in the medical side of animal care and was always fascinated whenever the vet would come out to visit the ranch. It came as no surprise that she would end up pursuing a career in the veterinary industry!

Kayla attended vet tech school at National American University. Upon her graduation in 2013, she worked at a mixed animal practice in Winner, SD, where she served primarily as a large animal technician. When she married and started a family, Kayla felt it was time to move back to Rapid City to be closer to family. After working at a few different practices, she joined Dakota Hills in April of 2023. Clinically, Kayla enjoys educating owners on how to help their pets enjoy longer, healthier lives. She also enjoys the challenge of surgery and performing dentals.

Outside of the clinic, Kayla, her husband, Andy, and their three boys love the outdoors. They enjoy fishing, hiking, and camping. They also own several animals, including an Australian shepherd mix named Riata, as well as multiple quarter horses and draft horses. Every year, the family goes on a 10-day wagon train where they camp in Deerfield and ride out daily. Kayla also participates in an annual horse driving competition and has been named Woman’s Overall Teamster of the Year twice.


Charlotte L.

Veterinary Technician

Charlotte began working with animals as a teenager taking care of boarded pets at an animal hospital because she was unable to have any pets of her own. She quickly fell in love with veterinary medicine and began her journey as a veterinary technician. Now, she gets to spend all her days and nights surrounded by awesome animals, including a few of her own!

Charlotte’s first experience in the animal care industry was at a kennel in Ankeny, Iowa. From there, she worked her way up to veterinary assistant and then went on to become a technician. Over the past two decades, Charlotte has worked with animals in Iowa, Arkansas, Virginia, and South Dakota. She joined the Dakota Hills team in April of 2023. Clinically, Charlotte has a special interest in dentistry and lab work.

Outside of work, Charlotte is mom to two human kiddos and five four-legged ones, including a dog and four cats. Dave, a mini dachshund, loves to dig for voles and notify everyone whenever a leaf falls off a tree. Kitties Private Dexter Griff, LeeLoo, and Cali have all welcomed the newest member of the family, Cobb Webb, who was found in a parking lot as a tiny kitten.


Christina H.

Veterinary Assistant

As a child growing up in Rapid City, Christina remembers the countless hours she spent glued to the television, mesmerized by animal rescue shows. Even at a young age, she felt inspired and compelled to help pets in need and do whatever she could to provide them with a healthy, happy life.

Christina attended South Dakota State University, majoring in Animal Science with the initial intention of going to veterinary school. Towards the end of her time at SDSU, however, she changed her mind and decided to return to her hometown to get an early start on her career. Upon graduation from college, Christina joined the Dakota Hills team as one of our veterinary assistants. 

At home, Christina has a fur baby of her own named Simon, whom she rescued in 2020. Simon’s favorite thing to do is burrow under any blanket he can find.


Paige G.

Veterinary Assistant

All her life, Paige has constantly found herself around animals. Whether she was throwing a ball for her dog, riding horses, taking care of her family’s guinea pigs, or collecting eggs from chickens, she’s always loved being close to the earth’s creatures! For Paige, working as a part of Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic’s boarding team is a dream come true. 

Paige is from central North Dakota and moved to South Dakota in April of 2021. It wasn’t long before she’d joined the team here at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic—Paige has been a part of the hospital family since June. She loves that no two days are ever quite the same, and finds that her job constantly keeps her on her toes. She’s also fond of getting to meet and greet a wide variety of animals as well as their loving owners.

When she’s not at work, Paige likes riding and breaking horses, hiking and camping in the great outdoors, and spending quality time with her family and pets. She has a rescued Red Heeler, Carson, as well as four wonderful horses: Kodiak, Ember, Luna, and Bella.


Emma W.


When Emma was around seven years old, she was gifted a cat for her birthday. The two quickly became inseparable until the family’s other cat passed away. Seeing her beloved pet grieving over the loss of his companion and how it affected his personality broke Emma’s heart. At the same time, it sparked a desire to work in the animal field so she could help other pets and their owners during challenging times. As a boarding assistant here at Dakota Hills, Emma pushes herself daily to provide the best care and support possible.

Once she graduated high school, Emma jumped right into the animal care field when she started working at a doggie daycare. From there, she moved on to join the Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic team. Professionally, Emma loves helping our boarders feel comfortable and cared for like family, while also creating trusting relationships with their loving owners. When asked, she says she wouldn’t trade working here for anything!

At home, Emma has four dogs of her own. Myla is her retired service dog whose favorite place to be is in Emma’s bed. Blu is a goofy boy who is shy around new people but loves meeting new dogs. Phoebe came in as a foster, but the family couldn’t imagine her going to a different home so they kept her. It took her some time to get over her sordid past, but now she’s a big cuddle bug. Then there’s the most recent addition to the pack: Reed, a stubborn and fearless pup who loves adventures.

When she’s not busy working or caring for her dogs, Emma can usually be found crocheting – a hobby she just recently picked up, but has quickly mastered. She loves making hand-made gifts for her friends and family and seeing their reaction.


Laura C.


Laura’s veterinary journey started in the year 2000 when she was walking her Boxer. They walked by the house of the founder of Black Hills Boxer Rescue, who promptly ran out to talk to Laura. Soon Laura was fostering Boxers, which led to volunteering at shelters and eventually to a job at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic!

Born and raised in Minnesota, Laura moved to South Dakota in 1995 for her husband’s job. She continues to be inspired by the wonderful people she’s met in animal rescue over years. At the clinic, Laura loves seeing uncommon dog breeds and enjoys chatting with clients and connecting over their love of pets.

Currently, Laura, her husband and their two sons share their home with a Boxer, Scout who was acquired through the clinic – a happy ending for a very sick puppy!! When she has free time, Laura loves spending time with her dogs, as well as traveling, hiking, home improvement and crafting.


Jill J.


Jill has always had a heart for helping others. After spending several years in human medicine, working with the elderly, she decided to shift her focus to four-legged creatures. As a Receptionist here at Dakota Hills, Jill has found the perfect opportunity to put her compassion and empathy to work.

In the clinic, Jill enjoys getting to know our clients and their furry family members. The pocket-full of treats she always keeps on her definitely helps win over some of our more apprehensive patients.

Jill is Mom to grown twin boys, both of whom are wrestling coaches. She has two rescue fur-babies: a Border collie named Ruger and a Husky mix named Tuesday. The three of them go hiking as often as possible, and she usually lets the pups choose the trail.

In her spare time, Jill enjoys riding motorcycles and has taken trips to several national parks. She is an avid reader and keeps track of all the books she’s read – a total that tops more than 1,400 thus far.


Katrina W.

Inventory Manager, Veterinary Technician

Katrina’s passion for animals and the veterinary field began at the age of eight when she was growing up on her family farm in Northern Montana. Her special affinity with animals and knack for their care made her a natural fit for working as a Veterinary Technician!

Katrina received her degree in Veterinary Technology from National College in Rapid City. After working at various clinics, Katrina and her family settled in Rapid City because it was the perfect hub for their busy schedules—she was hired at Dakota Hills shortly afterwards and recently celebrated her tenth anniversary with the clinic!

Anesthesia is Katrina’s specialty and passion. She enjoys teaching it to new employees and takes pride in performing a smooth, flawless procedure.

At home, Katrina lives with her husband Matt and their daughter Maddi. The family owns a Border Collie named Zip, three cats named Cole, Beezus and Hiccup. Maddi also owns two toads.

When not working or spending time with family, Katrina loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, and horseback riding.


Kendra H.

Clinic Administrator

Kendra grew up on a ranch about an hour northeast of Rapid City. Since her parents’ livelihood depended on the livestock they raised, Kendra learned not only how to care for animals, but the value of responsibility and a strong work ethic!

After high school, Kendra enrolled in National American University’s Veterinary Technology Program. She worked part-time as a Veterinary Assistant until she finished up her degree, when she was given a Veterinary Technician position at the clinic. She’s been working at Dakota Hills since November of 1997, and has held the Clinic Administrator position since 2009!

Kendra says that no two days are ever the same working in her job! She loves the challenge of facing each new and unique case. She also enjoys the business side of veterinary medicine, which she’s been more in touch with since becoming Clinic Administrator.

When she’s not at work, Kendra spends time with her husband, Justin, and their three children, Jae, Karie, and Jarren. They have two cats, Trapper and Loca, and a Labrador Retriever, Rocket. They also have several horses they use to gather and work cattle and explore the Black Hills area.  Kendra’s free time is spent watching her children’s different sporting and school events, reading, helping on her family’s ranch, and working with the horses.

Amber B.

Amber B.

Boarding Manager

Bio coming soon.

Shelby G.

Shelby G.

Boarding Assistant

Bio coming soon.