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Best Toys for Hedgehogs

September 15, 2014

Does your Black Hills home include a cage for a hedgehog? If so, you have one of the cutest possible pets! Hedgehogs are very adorable, and can make wonderful animal friends. You’ll want to play with your hedgie regularly, but your hedgehog should also have plenty of toys to keep him amused when you are away or occupied, as these inquisitive little ones do need stimulation and exercise.

Exercise Wheels

Your hedgie will enjoy having an exercise wheel in his cage. Make sure to get one that is made of a solid material, as wheels made out of wires can hurt those cute little feet.


Hedgehogs love to play in mazes. You can make your own out of PVC pipe. Make sure to get a size that is large enough for your hedgehog to turn around in, so your little pet doesn’t get stuck. You can make the tunnels extra fun by hiding treats in them.

Cat Toys

Some cat toys are appropriate for hedgehogs. Small plastic balls with rattlers in them are fine, and your hedgie may like pushing the ball around.


Tissue boxes and other small boxes may be fine for your hedgehogs. Be sure to remove any plastic parts before letting your little pet play with a box.

Tube Tunnels

Hedgehogs often enjoy having tunnels to explore. You can get your hedgie tunnels from a pet store, or try a DIY version using a toilet paper or paper towel roll split down the middle.

Stuffed Animals

Some hedgies enjoy playing with stuffed animals. Try a catnip-free cat toy with any loose bits removed, or a small plushie one.

Toy Dump Trucks

Some hedgehogs really like playing with toy dump trucks. Your hedgie may push it around and even get into it.

You can try some different options for your hedgehog, to see what your little buddy likes. Anything he can chew on, push around, or forage in is fair game. Just be sure your hedgie’s toys don’t have loose pieces or string.

Don’t give your hedgie anything that has dangling string on it, as he could get his little feet caught, which could cause a serious injury. Cedar chips, or any chips with wood oil, can cause bad reactions in hedgehogs, so stay away from those as well.

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