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Provide Your Senior Cat with Excellent Care

January 15, 2015

Your twelve-year-old cat Morris has ruled your house for many years. Morris joined your household when he was still a kitten, and he’s always been an energetic guy who loves his cat toys and playtime sessions. While Morris’ behavior hasn’t really changed since he became a feline senior citizen, you pamper him just a little more these days. You feed Morris before your dog Chance each morning, and Morris even has a special senior cat bed recommended by your veterinarian from Rapid City. At Morris’ last regular checkup, you asked your vet for some tips about keeping your senior housemate healthy. Read more about caring for senior cats below.

Nutritional Plan Reboot

Morris’ midsection seems to be slightly rounder lately, and he has found it a bit harder to hop on the couch while carrying that extra weight. In contrast, your sister’s senior cat has dropped some weight as he’s gotten older. After your vet examines Morris’ age-related nutritional needs, along with his activity level, he’ll design a customized diet that nourishes Morris while keeping him at a desirable weight.

Monitor Morris’ weight daily, using a scale that displays even tiny changes. An unexplained weight loss can mean Morris is developing a medical condition. Get Morris to the vet quickly for a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Daily Beauty Treatment

Even though Morris is a busy cat, he has always found time for his daily brushing sessions. Every morning, you brush Morris for half an hour while he purrs with satisfaction. You often gather loose hair that would otherwise result in hairballs. Brushing also stimulates Morris’ skin and improves his circulation; and both of these benefits help his coat to shine.

If Morris has stopped using his scratching post, trim his claws regularly, too. While you give Morris this intensive care, run your hands over his skin and coat; and feel for anything that seems abnormal. If you find something, tell your vet without delay.

Banish Your Cat’s Stress

Morris deserves a a low-stress lifestyle these days. If you’re moving, remodeling your home, or otherwise revamping your home or lifestyle, give Morris some extra attention so he remains calm and mellow. If you’ve scheduled a business trip or vacation, ask a familiar relative, neighbor, or friend to care for Morris in their home. And please, Morris says, don’t bring home any more pets while he’s running the household.

While keeping Morris healthy and calm will take some effort, you’ll gladly do whatever it takes to help your senior cat enjoy his golden years to the fullest. Your Rapid City vet is ready to provide expert guidance and excellent care.

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