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Announcing Our New Partnership With Trupanion Pet Insurance

April 22, 2019

Here at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic, we’ve got some big news that has the ‘puparazzi’ jumping for joy. We’re thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Trupanion Pet Insurance! This will help facilitate great veterinary care for many of our furry patients. Pet insurance can make a huge difference, especially in emergencies. It could even save your dog or cat’s life! A Rapid City, SD vet discusses pet insurance below.

Why Pet Insurance?

We know, no one wants to think of their beloved animals getting hurt or sick. However, our furry patients do have a way of getting into mischief. They can also be afflicted by illness and disease. Emergency veterinary care can be expensive, especially if surgery is required. It can be heartbreaking to have to decline or delay emergency care for financial reasons. Insurance helps ensure that your pet can receive the best veterinary care possible, allowing you to focus on helping your four-legged friend get better. You’ll also be able to figure the costs of veterinary care right into your budget, which can be very helpful financially. Last but not least, you’ll also have the benefit of peace of mind. If your kitty falls off her cat tower, or if your dog eats something he shouldn’t, Trupanion has you covered!

What’s Not Covered?

Trupanion does not cover basic wellness care, such as exams, vaccinations, and parasite control. Pre-existing conditions are also not covered. This is one reason it’s best to enroll pets while they are still young. For example, many purebred dogs and cats face medical problems due to genetics. These issues would be covered in a dog that has been enrolled since he was a puppy, but not in a senior pooch that has just been insured. To learn more about Trupanion, visit their website here .

About The Insurance

With Trupanion, pets all receive excellent coverage under the same basic plan. Trupanion pays the care provider (in this case, the veterinarian) directly. The insurance covers a whopping 90% of bills, after deductibles have been met. This includes things like diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, and other treatments. The coverage is unlimited, and does not have caps. It’s also worth noting that pets are eligible for lifetime coverage.

For more information about Trupanion Pet Insurance, contact us at Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic, your local Rapid City, SD vet clinic, anytime. You can also call Trupanion directly at 855.210.8749.

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