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Introducing Wolfenoot

November 1, 2020

There’s a brand new holiday on the calendar that has the puparazzi all over the world jumping for joy. Joining the ranks of such adorable pet celebrations as Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day and If Pets Had Thumbs Day, we now have Wolfenoot, a brand new celebration of wolves, dogs, and anyone who has been kind to them. A local vet offers an introduction to this pawesome new holiday in this article.

H  istory

Wolfenoot may be new, but it’s already made quite an impression on the internet. It was first started in 2018 by a little boy from New Zealand. The youngster had what may be one of the best dog-friendly ideas ever: celebrating the ‘Spirit of the Wolf’ as well as anyone who has helped or owned dogs, or shown kindness to them. The child’s mother got on board with the idea, and helped him promote it. 

A Pawspicious Occasion

The official (okay, maybe not entirely official) date for Wolfenoot is November 23rd. Why the 23rd? That’s the anniversary of the death of the ‘Great Wolf.’ This tale is described in the Wolfenoot Story book. The boy who came up with the idea wrote the book, which can be purchased online through the Patchwork Raven here .


So just what do you do to celebrate Wolfenoot? The ‘Spirit of the Wolf’ will hide gifts for anyone who loves or has been kind to animals. If you want to get your pet involved, you can also hide some things for Fido to sniff out. After all of the gifts have been found, the participants—who may or may not be called Wolfenati—should eat some red meat. Why red meat? That’s what wolves eat! (Of course, if you’re a vegetarian, you can have a veggie burger.) Afterwards, you’ll top it off with a cake decorated like a full moon. As for your pooch, be sure to give him something yummy as well. It’s not a bad idea to enjoy a wolf or dog movie or documentary as you’re winding down. If you end up making a social media post, spread the word by using the hashtag #wolfenoot and the even more adorable #nohateonlysnootboops.

Helping Dogs

Of course, another thing you can do to celebrate Wolfenoot is to help dogs in need. There are many wonderful charities and animal rescues that are in need of donations or social media support. You can also help support a conservation society or rescue that works with wolves.

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