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Winter Paw Care Tips For Fido

January 3, 2022

Just like with any other season, winter brings specific hazards and concerns for our furry friends. Paw care is one of the issues for dog owners to be aware of. Snow, ice, salt, and sand can all hurt Fido’s sensitive paw pads. Keep reading for some winter paw care tips from a veterinarian. 

Choose Pet-Safe Products

The emergence of pet-safe de-icing product is one development that we’re happy to see. This is great news for Man’s Best Friend! The usual chemical de-icers can cause painful paw abrasions and burns. Also, there’s a very real chance of Fido ingesting dangerous chemicals when he licks his feet. 

Be Careful In Snow 

As pretty as fresh snow can be, it can easily hide hazards, such as sharp rocks, broken glass, and even holes. Stick to safe paths and sidewalks. 

Use A Mat 

You can keep your furry buddy from tracking in ice and now by putting a thick mat outside the door he comes in and out through. And come springtime, a mat can do the same for mud. A good option for this is bath mats since they are machine washable and super absorbent.

Paw Balm 

FIdo’s skin can get rough, dry, and cracked in the wintertime, just as ours can. Paw wax or balm can moisturize and protect his furry feet. Vaseline or coconut oil will also work in a pinch. 


Booties are a great way to protect Fido’s feet. Needless to say, these will only work if your canine pal is agreeable to them. If you have a puppy, help little Fido get used to them now. 

Toe Fur

More than a few of our four-legged buddies have super cute tufts of fur growing between their toes. It’s probably a good idea to trim these back, especially in winter. They can collect form ice balls and collect snow, which is really uncomfortable for your pooch. 


Be sure to clip your furry buddy’s nails! If his nails are too long, Fido may have a hard time getting good traction. Ask your vet to demonstrate if you’re nervous about cutting your pup’s claws yourself. You can also just call us to schedule a peticure. 


Slips and falls can be just as dangerous for dogs as they are for us. For areas that are particularly treacherous, like steps, put stair mats down.

As your animal clinic, we’re here to help! Call us anytime!

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