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Celebrating The Welsh Corgi

March 1, 2022

Corgi lovers, rejoice! Today, March 1, is National Welsh Corgi Day! Fun, lovable, and affectionate, the Welsh Corgi is a wonderful dog, and definitely one worth celebrating. Read on as a vet discusses these lovable, fluffy pooches.


The Corgi is a little pup with a big heart. As you probably guessed, Fido originated in Wales. In fact, the name Corgi comes from the words Cor, which means dwarf, and Ci, which means dog. Like many other herding dogs, these little dogs are extremely smart. They’re also loyal, lovable, and playful, and have a special way of completely melting the hearts of pretty much everyone they meet.

Double Vision

There are two different types of Welsh Corgis: Cardigan and Pembroke. Both were named for the counties their lines originated in. The two strains are very similar in appearance and personality. However, the Cardigan has a slightly longer body, and a bigger head. However, there are some important differences between them. For instance, eye problems are much more prevalent in the Pembroke strain. The Pembroke also happens to be the more popular of the two, in good part because of the visibility and status they achieved the chosen pets of England’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal Dogs

As we mentioned above, Corgis were the favored dogs of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. This love story started way back in the 30’s, when Prince Albert purchased a pooch named Rozavel Golden Eagle. The pup was nicknamed Dookie, and, in true Corgi fashion, immediately charmed the socks off the royal family. Princess Elizabeth soon got her very own Pembroke Corgi, which was named Susan. (Fun fact: Susan was actually in the royal carriage with the Queen at her wedding, hidden beneath some rugs.) Susan’s puppies, and their descendants, became the monarch’s favorite pets. Between the years of 1933 and 2018, the Queen always had at least one Corgi. However, she did stop breeding them in 2015, so as not to leave any bereaved pups behind when she passed.


The Queen may be the Corgi’s biggest fan, but she isn’t the only one. Other celebrities that have chosen these sweet, charming dogs include Keifer Sutherland, Steven King, and the recently-deceased (and much beloved) Betty White.

Corgis Onscreen

The Corgi has featured in several books, plays, and movies. Fido had a starring role in The Queen’s Corgi. He’s also appeared in Little Dog Lost and, more recently, Cowboy Bebop and the animated series Infinity Train. 

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