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Brady RiddleBrady Riddle

Best qualified, most compassionate and caring staff. I have personally dealt with DHVC and can say they are by far the best in the Black Hills. From puppy shots to putting to rest, these people are incredible!!!

Hannah InghamHannah Ingham

I really like taking my dog here, all the staff members I have encountered always seem like they really love their job. The best part about it is that Mulligan actually likes to come here! No anxiety for him!

Lisa Hersey PerkinsLisa Hersey Perkins

Awesome place.Been taking my dogs for years.Good staff.Friendly service.Made my vacation awesome

Chet MurrayChet Murray

Great care and facility. On the high end price-wise. What I expected to be about $300 was $500 comparing to my usual vet. This was a Sunday visit and my vet does not operate and needed care before Monday. But they say that Sunday is a regular work day and fees aren't higher just because it is a weekend. I don't know if I will go again just because it's a little beyond my budget, but, the care and staff was excellent.

Kande AJ KillinKande AJ Killin

Absolutely love this place. The people. The atmosphere. How happy my dog was!!! Mileena is a little bit "special" to say the least. These guys(and gals) were willing to go above and beyond to make sure she was comfortable and safe!!!! I can't remember the lady who was in first with us but she was awesome. Sorry I'm horrid with names. But really skinny pretty tattoos and blonde hair. She was so nice and understanding. My dog can get super hyper around people and they just loved on her all the same. Never made any faces of annoyance or anything. This was our first time there but it won't be our last. The price was very reasonable. The place smelled very clean and fresh not just like cleaners clean. Neat and organized. We received a wonderful welcome from the lady at the front desk. Our doctor was Dr Curtis Stonecipher(hope I didn't butcher that) and he was amazing. Mileena was so happy and content around him she even tried to lunge into his arms and he didn't get upset but loved on her. Thank you Dakota Hills and all the wonderful staff!

Mandi Rae TeetersMandi Rae Teeters

My animals have been seen in this clinic for years and I love it! Through the ups and downs they have amazing vets, and techs, working here. Highly recommended!

Brandi ValentzBrandi Valentz

The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. They truly care about our pets.
They took amazing care of my fur baby when she needed surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her mouth. I'd come back here for anything regarding my dog.

Blake HarterBlake Harter

I can’t thank Michelle and Dr.Shutter enough for their care of my Sugar today. Michelle is top notch and so caring and knowledgeable about dog behavior. When you have a dog who gets anxious at the vet, it’s such a relief to find professionals who understand. Both of them really took time with my girl. I am so thankful to have found such a great place to take my pets! The front desk couldn’t be nicer as well - it’s clear they love pets; the whole experience was just excellent.

Cindy Becker WassonCindy Becker Wasson

milo had a broken leg which dr stonecipher repaired. he called and talked to me about what was going to happen and how they were going to correct the problem. I appreciate all the work and their being open on sunday. hope you enjoyed the omlets and carmel rolls.

Christine KennedyChristine Kennedy

I brought my kitten on July 29, 2017 because he had a maggot in his neck :(...He was a stray. I thought it was just a wound at first from him scratching and tried to keep it clean as possible so it would heal but it kept getting worse. I was cleaning it that Saturday morning and saw something move in it! My normal vet wasn't open on weekends but I found Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic was open and got an appointment immediately that day! Their facility was really nice and the staff were friendly. The vet was able to get the maggot out and it was HUGE! I'm happy to say my kitten (Valentine) is happy 😊 and his wound looks 90% better! It closed up and the swealling went down just a couple hours after the visit. Although it was a bit more expensive then my usual vet. They did a great job and I was happy and relieved my kitten was taken good care of! I'm happy also very thankful they are open on Saturdays!!! 🐱😊😁

Anita Wittenmyer Pauli EllisAnita Wittenmyer Pauli Ellis

We're from out of town, just passing through, and had to bring in our sick little dog. Every single person there made us feel comfortable, gave us great service and information, and treated our dog like a prince. Wish this vet clinic was in our home town, love it!

Colby SarineColby Sarine

We just switched veterinarians and was very impressed at the amount of time they spent with our dog. Our dog gets very stressed at the vet and they handled him beautifully! We will definitely be bringing both babies here.

Brian M.Brian M.

Stopping through Rapid City during a cross country move and decided to take a day off from driving. I needed to find a last minute place to board my dogs...

Jenny NessJenny Ness

Thank you to Doctor Stonecipher and staff yesterday. Diamond the little rott puppy is doing so much better today what a relief thank you you guys are awesome.

April Huckins YantisApril Huckins Yantis

I brought in a puppy that was super sick (abandoned). The staff was kind, friendly, excellent in every way! Puppy is doing great and I am forever grateful for Dakota Hills!

Evelyn BerndtEvelyn Berndt

Even though we ended up losing our dog Frankie , we knew he had the best care possible. The staff was always kind and courteous.

Tracy SpaansTracy Spaans

Dakota Hills always takes great care of our loved pets. The staff is top-notch, friendly and caring. Highly recommended.

Callie BowmanCallie Bowman

I think that social platforms should be used to highlight great experiences, so here we go! We are thankful that Dakota Hills Vet Clinic is open on Sundays! Both my husband and I are very busy and have little time to find appointments that work for our fur kids and us, so to have this option is wonderful. All of the staff members were friendly and helpful from the very beginning. Thank you Dakota Hills Vet Clinic for being convenient, helpful, and kind!

Mike MerrimanMike Merriman

Excellent friendly service. Great Staff,top notch Doctors. Thank you for all your care.

Alisha BarryAlisha Barry

Such a great clinic with an amazing staff, they really go above and beyond to make the animals comfortable. I have been behind the scenes and the newest technology is always available here. Great Place!

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